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More than 90% of the companies that drive the economy and generate employment are micro, small and medium companies: SMEs. It goes without saying, this is the most disadvantaged group by commercial, tax and labor law, those who create our “game rules”

Additionally, SMEs have a personal component very engrained, being the companies with higher risk assumption. Practically for most part of companies, not only they risk the capital of family and friends, but also the relationship with them.

Likewise, there are additional challenges to access financing and keeping talent within the organization. An exaggerated regulation and bureaucracy that besides being very costly, is also very time consuming. In a highly competitive environment, where generating value added and being more profitable is critical , all fields of the organization must reach for excellance.

It is not enough to only produce a very good product or service. We also need to constantly trade accordingly in order to improve sales, on a quantitative and qualitative basis. It is not sufficient to sell very well whatever it is hard to create if we do not manage the company efficiently: we may lose control or simply, we may not know where we are going. (What are you trying to convey???)

NN Consulting is born with the goal to help the most important companies of Catalonia, transforming them into companies economically well managed and to sell more and in a better way.

Better than clients, we feel we belong to the companies with which we cooperate. We enjoy and experience the day-to-day and overall we become travel companions to compete together in the long run.