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Accounting service: support or outsourcing of the accounting management

  • Accounting assessment to verify the authenticity
  • Accounting Plan Management customized to your needs
  • Accounting performance
  • Quarter and annual tax performance
  • Quarter and annual closing performance
  • Costs accounting

Assesor acreditat AccióCertified Advisor by ACCIO.
Ignasi Fauri Padro is certified as ACCIÓ advisor.

We transform your accounting data in a useful tool for your company


Managerial services: support or outsourcing of management administration

  • Invoicing: revenue and cost control of the company. Issuance/reception, control and invoice registry.
  • Payments and collections: plan and creation of payment and collection instructions. Cash flow control and optimization.
  • Management of documents: both physical and digital.

We will help you to manage your money


Managerial support services

Managerial support services:

Where are we? Why we are here? Where are we going?

  • Comprehensive analysis. We assess the accounting area, management, production and commercial, together with the financial situation and HR of the organization. Where are we?
  • Assessment with Managements of the analysis performed. Why are we here?
  • Creation and execution of the business plan. We develop it for you and with you. Where do we go?

“The best way to get to a place, is to know where you go”.