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NN is an international business consulting company, with focus on the internationalization of SMEs. If you want to initiate the export process of your company and consider it on an international basis, we offer you the guidance in the export process in order to increase sales and grow the market.

Assesor acreditat AccióCertified Advisor by ACCIO
Núria Escofet Gárate is certified as ACCIÓ advisor.



  • Counseling in international trade for SMEs and entrepreneurs
  • Design of the International Business Plan for SMEs.
  • Selection of target markets based on the Company and the product to trade.
  • Selection of the entry way in each market.
  • Planning of the Export budget
  • Market research adapted to the needs of the Company

2 Execution of the domestic and international business plan

Execution of the domestic and international business plan

We are your domestic and international sales department

    • Outsourcing of the domestic and international sales department in order to boost sales
    • Development of all activities of a sales department: commercial management with potential clients, negotiation and tracking of existing clients. Close of deals, management of the documentation, product certifications, and specific requirements for every market.
    • Planning and support to domestic and international trade shows, business trips and company meetings.
    • Analysis and customization of marketing material (website, catalogs, social media, among others).
    • Counseling in the international means of payment and collection on a case-by-case basis in order to secure the transaction.
    • Performance of online marketing campaigns.

Our primary goal is to provide counseling and qualified management, customized for every organization, in order to sell and export your products or services to new markets.

We also do:

  • Counseling in international trade for SMEs and entrepreneurs.
  • Development of contact listing and database.
  • Business agendas and trade missions in site.
  • Trade show planning: support in the planning and development of the international trade show.
  • In Company training on international business.